Router Table into Work Bench

I finally got to use the goliath for one of the things I really wanted to when I first got the machine which is cut directly into a finished surface. I had the goliath cut a hole into my bench for a router table and it did beautifully. The depth of the fill was perfect, I used the tool for z-axis calibration. I kept the machine a little slower than usual to aid with the precision. Really good fit, really happy with the results.


Hey Tom! Very cool! I have a question about how you did this;

We’re you able to get any level of precision as far as where you wanted this shape to be cut out of your work table? Slingshot does not have any guides or a tape measure features so I’m finding it hard to accurately place a cut exactly where I want it on a sheet.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Yes, for accuracy, I made a “dog bone” it’s a cut out template with holes for the towers that has a centerline marked and helps me to space the towers exactly the same distance apart each time. I used my 300mm spacer for this one. With a little bit of practice, this means I can line up a cut accurately for cuts like these. I have several of these, and make them for different materials as well so towers are mounted onto the same height as my cut material, all of them are 350mm deep, which also keeps the goliath safely away from the towers so I never have an issue running into towers and can cut right to the edges of my boards.

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