Slingshot beta

Hello everyone!
We are happy to announce Slingshot version 2 beta, available to all our customers!

This new version of Slingshot includes a variety of new features, many improvements, and a completely new UI!
Please read below to learn more about it.

Please consider that this is a Beta version, so you could experience a bug during its usage.

To learn about our Beta Tester Program, and how to access this version of Slingshot please read this Topic.

New features:

We have added a tutorial to help you learn about Slingshot’s new features.
Please take your time to do it so that you can better learn all about Slingshot version 2!

The tutorial will appear every time you start Slingshot until you complete it.
In case you wish to start it over again you do it by clicking on the “Restart” button in the Profile Settings

Groups of tracks

The purpose of this feature is to manage the tracks of the same piece/part of your Project. Gives you the ability to select, move and edit all of them in a single click.


Making group offers the possibility of constraining the orientation in which Goliath cuts tracks. This means that paths in a group will be executed with the same orientation.

cut_group cut_ungroup

On the left, the tracks will be executed with the same orientation, on the right each track will be executed with a different orientation

Consider that cutting all the tracks with the same orientation guarantees that the relative position of the tracks of the same group will be correct

Same group Angle

This checkbox sets and releases the constraint of the orientation angle. It will be checked by default for every group created.

Cut Simulation

This feature will allow you to simulate the path. So you can check if it’s correct before sending it to Goliath.
This will allow seeing how Goliath will execute the job, have an exact preview/render of the cut path, and an estimation of the work time.


In the tutorial, you will be guided through all its controls and buttons.

Ignore Tracks

The purpose of this function is to ignore paths that have already been cut.
So that if a job is interrupted before its end, the paths already cut can be skipped in the next run.


To ignore the selected tracks click on the ‘eye’ icon.
The ignored track will become yellow.

Be aware that tracks with the ‘Fill’ operation assigned cannot be ignored. This is to prevent Goliath wheels go into an already engraved area. So if you have an already engraved area (‘Fill’ operation executed) in your work panel please consider reducing the work area or making that area level with the rest of the panel.

UI/UX differences:

Connection to Goliath Wi-Fi

This new version of Slingshot does not automatically switch to Goliath’s Wi-Fi network, so now you will have to select it manually from your computer’s Wi-Fi menu before trying to connect to your Goliath.


New Tab Settings window

The tabs setting are located in a new window, that can be accessed by this buttonTabs settings button
tabs settings window

Auto Tabs tool deactivated

The Auto Tabs tool has been deactivated.

Units settings

Now you can switch to imperial units from the “Profile Settings” that can be found at the preference page.

Profile Settings

Illustrator SVG import

Now SVG files created with Adobe Illustrator will be imported with the correct scale, thanks to the Illustrator Option of the import panel

Import Compounds Tracks

Now Compounds Tracks can be imported without any problem.
There is no need to separate paths of the same shape, they will be imported individually by Slingshot.

On the left, you can see the result of the first version of Slingshot , on the right you can see the result of Slingshot version 2.

Naming Project

When creating a new project a window will appear where it is possible to set the project name can be typed and the canvas size.

New Project Window

Cutting parameters activation

Due to the fact that the “Plunge Rate” will be used only during the execution of a hole.
Therefore the cutting parameter will be activated accordingly to what kind of tracks are selected.

In the case between the selected tracks there are only outlines, only the “Feed Rate” and “Depth per pass” will be active.

In case only holes are selected, only the “Plunge Rate” will be active

Note that a track is defined as a hole only if it has the following characteristics:

  • it is a circle
  • it has the same size as the bit
  • it is set as “Inside”

Share files with Customer Support

In case of errors or unexpected behavior while using Slingshot and Goliath, you can export all useful files, to share with our Customer Support, with one click.
All you have to do is to click on the question mark that can be found at the bottom right corner of every window.


Clicking on the “Export” button, Slingshot will create a .Zip file containing all files of the project and the Log files from the current day to 2 days earlier, then will open the browser to our form support.

Work time estimation

Now during the cut, at the bottom of the window, you can see how long the cut will take.

The time is expressed in hours and minutes

Other improvements

New offset algorithm

We have developed a new offset algorithm that performs faster and more accurately.

New approximation algorithm

We have developed an approximation algorithm that converts curves into lines and arches for the creation of the GCode

Known Bugs

  • Offset: In some cases, the offset algorithm may create an incorrect path. This problem can be easily detected by the new user interface that renders the offset algorithm result accurately. In case flaws are visible in the cut result render it could be because of this bug. You can do further verification by doing a cut simulation and observing how Goliath moves.
  • Units of mill bits: the conversion of the units from mm to inches or vice versa doesn’t work when creating and adding a new mill bit. The workaround here is to set the units of the “Profile Setting” to mm and also in the New Bit panel.
  • Tab sizes are only in mm: the conversion of the values from mm to inches is not working. The workaround here is to type the numbers as if the units setting of Slingshot are in mm.
  • Minors defects of the UI graphics
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hello, I just installed and tried the simulation mode
I’mgetting this error message

Hi Patrick,
can you please tell me what version of Windows you are using?

Can you check whether the following packages are installed on your computer?

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x64)
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2051-2022 Redistributable (x64)

You can check if the packages are installed by checking the Programs and Features list in the Control Panel.

If you notice that any of the packages are missing you jsut have to intall.
Here the link for the 2013, and here the 2015-2022

Please let us know if this solve your problem.

Ciao Davide,
We have already succed to solve the issue, thanks for the follow up