Slingshot v2 Tab Setting Bug

Im beta testing Slingshot v.2 and am having difficulties with tabs. I sent the zip files through the appropriate link but am not convinced anything actually went through. Ive sent multiple emails and have posted in this forum in other areas but have received no responses. Here is the issue Im having.

When I attempt to add tabs to my project the tabs settings continually tells me that my tabs must meet a minimum size, my size exceeds the minimum requirements. No matter what size I insert, the tabs settings tells me repeatedly that essentially they arent the correct size. If I leave the tab settings “as is” and add tabs to my project, the tabs do not cut. Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong. Suggestions or thoughts?

Hi Reddot1,
we have replied your request by mail.
You should have received one from the support contact, can you please confirm that?

The problem you are experiencing is a bug of the tab setting windows where the values of the text fields are not converted from mm to inches.
So the number you see are actually mm.
Like said in this post the workaround is to type the number in mm.