Spindle no longer spinning

I just completed a project that ran great. I went to start a new project and the spindle is no longer spinning the cutting bit as it goes along the path. Please help me fix this ASAP. I did not change the bit at all between the projects and the bit has only been used on the one project so far. It is almost acting like the motor on the spindle has gone bad.

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I would start by checking the on off switch located on the router itself-not the one on the side of Goliath, but the one at the top of the spindle, and then check the connection from the router to the Goliath. I usually switch the router off when changing bits and have forgotten to turn it back on.


If the router is spinning but not cutting with good bit it is possible the spinfle not zeroed properly.
You can do air cut where the router turned on but not touching the wood by holding the router just before it touches the wood ( the zaxis thinks the zero is done ) so it goes around with roiter bit not cutting wood. You can do this with the bit removed as well for air cut.

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It would not spin even in the air. The switch was on. I ended up unplugging it from the goliath and noticed some dust had gotten into the plug connection. I blew it out and re-connected and it started working again.


Great it is working now, It is new issue in the forum. Thank you for posting- happy cutting.