Tabs and simple test file

Tabs are not always working but it could be really useful for the simple test file. Could you fix it please ?

Hi, could you kindly give us more information, where you cannot insert the tabs?

Hi, I found. I tried to add tabs with a partial depth. It’s not very intuitive, is that possible to add a popup when depth is not correct for tabs ?

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Glad to hear that you managed to solve it. I will definitely report your suggestion to the technical department to consider including it in future releases. :slight_smile:

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Hello guys, important changes have been made to the tabs function and in particular with the newest Slingshot release, which is why if you haven’t downloaded the latest software version yet, you should do so now!

Please find below a list of the main features:

  • Added function “Auto tab placement”
  • Now Tab sizes can be changed in the editor.
  • Tabs are no longer deleted when changing bit or track options but are adapted to the new size.
  • Tab can now be placed everywhere along full depth tracks
  • Tabs now will be executed only at passes lower than tab thickness
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