Tips, tricks and parameters for a perfect cut

Hi folks,

We are opening this brand new category by informing you that we have just published an article in the blog section of our website, where you can find very interesting tips on what parameters to set and what shrewdness to take in order to process different types of material correctly.

If you are curious take a look by clicking on the following link:

We are really curious to know what you think and if you have any suggestion based on your experience with Goliath to share with others.

Have a very great day!

Lorenzo, Alessandro, Davide and the whole Springa Team


In the tables for the different materials, you use the term “Max. Step Down / Over (mm)”. Is this the same as “depth per pass”?

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Hi, thanks for your question. We confirm it is the same as “depth per pass” we are correcting the term.

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