Tower Sensor Cable Trouble

I’ve had a rather frustrating day trying to work on a project. There are certain spots in my cuts where the Goliath suddenly gets very jerky and has trouble cutting and gets a positions error. One thing I’ve noticed in common with all of these locations is that if i manually move the cable sensor in that area I can feel the cable have some roughness in its movement. Perhaps the cable wind inside the tower has somehow become off? I’ve never let the cable retract quickly and am always careful to manually move the goliath slowly. Does anyone else have this sort of issue with their tower cable?

The jerks I have experienced are due to router bit moving too fast or if the material has knots. If the cable retracts with out any lag then it may not be cable issue( if there is lot of dust built on the cable would it cause obstacle error).
If the surface is too smooth or omni wheels have dust may loose grip and the positioning is lost throwing an error.
I once tried to place a paper under the wheels and the paper moves away and positioning error appear.- If the wheel track is smooth then I have successfully applied decorators tape which has good grip- Like when I cut acrylic.

Could be material knots, this is the first time I’m cutting 3/4 ply (sheeting, not furniture grade) not very quality stuff. I also suspect it could be from the bit getting dull so I ordered some new ones. I did see the goliath appear to get stuck on the router bit and pivot around it as if it weren’t cutting.

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Cheep ply contain a lot of glue and middle layers contain wood chips which will prevent smooth cutting. Birch ply is good.
You can slow down the cutting speed but will take longer to cut.
Good bits could be expensive and I heard wood worker avoid using them on chip board.
I am a hobbyist so I use cheap bits from china working ok for now. :wink:


Hi Tom, thanks for your post.
Could we kindly ask you what cutting parameters you are using (Depht per pass, RPM, etc)?
As for the roughness you described, is it also visible in your opinion? Could you please send us a video of you unwinding and rewinding the cable a few centimetres at

Hi Lucia,

I have tried adjusting the speed, 2000mm 1500mm and 1000mm all with the same results. Depth per pas is 3mm, RPM is at 23000. What I think I have seen is the machine actually stop cutting and then rotate around the bit. I’m going to try a fresh bit.

I will try to record the cable in my next cut, I can see the cable vibrate like a guitar string sometimes, but I am not certain that is related to the unwinding and winding problem.

The other issue I keep encountering frequently is during set up, once I get everything set up and hit the go button on top of the machine, the spindle doesn’t raise, nothing happens and then I restart the whole process.

“other issue I keep encountering frequently is during set up, once I get everything set up and hit the go button on top of the machine, the spindle doesn’t raise, nothing happens and then I restart the whole process.”

This is happening a lot of times- even though I am using goliath wifi. I have disabled my internet but still the same, I have tried many times and occasionally it works . The spindle does not move if I pull the spindle cage(ever so slightly) the spindle light turn red indicating spindle cage open, and a error pops on the computer which mean slingshot is connected to goliath. But the yellow button does not work.
Does the program need to connect to server before cut? ( I have asked this in the past but no answer)
For every small job I am spending few hours the cutting time is about 10 min.
Please help.

This was done on a 10 mm acrylic with spiral bit size 10cm by 10mm and part was cut in a wrong place and I could not repeat it.:sleepy:

I saw someone suggest entering jog mode and doing the “raise z axis” function before sending Gcode. I’ve been doing both before cuts to see that the Goliath is responding and z axis moving. This has dramatically helped lower the set up error.


Many thanks to the team at Springa for responding promptly to solve issues. They are sending me replacement towers.


Hi Bhimarasetty, I have interfaced with Davide and he has told me that you are already in contact to solve the problems you are experiencing. We are at your complete disposal :slight_smile:

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Thank you Springa team. I had a long video consultation with Davide and very helpful and sorted the connection issues for now.
Great support. :ok_hand::pray:


I have the same problem.
When Goliath works more than 1 meter away from the sensor tower, and Goliath works towards the tower, the ropes start to swing
You can feel it with your fingers when you slowly lead the rope to the tower by hand or pull it out, that it is a rough rope guide, possibly the ball bearing that does not run smoothly.
I clean the rope after each job or in between with a dry cloth.
At 10° it is worse than at 20° room temperature.

I wonder, would having the tower sensors stored at a low temperature potentially damage them?

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I think that storage at low temperatures is not a problem, only when working.
The ball bearing in the rope sensor doesn’t seem to be the best, good rope sensors cost 400-500€.