Tower Z compensation

It could be useful to put towers on material top or bottom level depending on the situation. If slingshot ask it should be possible to compensate the z difference.


I wonder, does this already occur in the set up process when the z axis is calibrated? @Lucia?

It would also be ideal to be able to place the towers off the work surface, instead if being marked as dead space at the corners.

I suppose I could work around this manually, but it would be nice to set the towers semi-permanently and then just change out the panel I’m cutting, and to avoid the off-panel area between the towers.

Saves fussing with the towers every time I put a new piece of plywood in to be cut.

This could be in conjunction with the other requests in this thread, but I’d also I’d be fine with just using the same material below the towers to match heights.


Hi thank you very much for your feedback, this is already possible, if the panels to be machined are always the same size you can attach the tower sensors not directly to the work surface but to extensions of the same thickness and at the end of each machining operation simply change the panel.

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No, we are asking to screw them not at the stock top level but the stock bottom level. With this you dont have to change extention depending on the tickness and that s faster to switch between materials.

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Doing what you are suggesting would add a slight angle in the cable from tower to Goliath. Creating a lesser/greater angle depending on the thickness of the stock. This angle would vary depending on the distance from tower to Goliath.

I believe the idea is to have cables always parallel to work surface. I think I have seen some creative solutions in the forum.

Yes but we give the stock tickness so it can be mathematically compensated by Goliath. If you don’t need it you will be free to keep towers at stock top level. But for the ones that need, one checkbox and towers will be at bottom level.
A function like this will improve the setup time of Goliath that is weak now (compared to another machines that I have).


At the moment this is not possible, because as rightly observed also by
@vorrtec it is necessary to have cables always parallel to work surface, to guarantee Goliath’s accuracy. But we can certainly think about it. Thanks for the feedback.

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Every times the answer is how to not do evolution. Think about the fact that Goliath setup time is slow, you can seriously improve it but you dont. At the end Goliath is the machine I use the less (and I have 6 others CNC from several brands) and I will prbably sell it because evolutions are way to slow.

Hi, thank you for your reply, the fact is that we are already working on the development of other features that we had already put on the agenda, so before we can proceed with the implementation of new ones we have to finalize what we have set out to do, also because these are crucial things for the proper functioning of the machine and to ensure a quality user experience.

Hi, could you give us some visibility because from customer side it looks dead…