Towers shutting down during cut

Both the yellow and Gray towers take turns shutting down. They are plugged in and sling shot shows them on line and green. I am cutting on 8x4 MDF (2438x1219mm). I have cut 7 different object and one big object. The senor gave an error of lost signal several times but pushing the yellow button make the cut start again. Now 3 times on 2 projects the Goliath just stops moving, it is running, and the sensor light is red on Goliath. On the tower the lite is off. I restart the tower but it just flashes. I have to turn everything off abort project then restart everything. On Pannel detection the towers now say old software must update. When I update it says already have current software. I have to overwrite it of I will get the same error when I try panel detection. After rewriting the software to the towers I have to start all over. Sometimes the cut is off just a little and so the I end up with two cuts next to each other. I have updated Goliath and Slingshot that was not a fix. It can take me an hour doing all this to start the cutting and then it cuts for 40 minutes with me hitting the yellow button every 5 minutes because it has lost communication with the towes, but it has not. after 3 or 4 times of that then the light goes out on the tower

Hi p326down,
the problem you are experiencing is related to interferences on the radio connection between the Tower Sensors and Goliath. The sensors shut down when they doesn’t recevie any message from the Goliath.

As explained in the ‘Panel Detection’ connection step, each configuration corresponds to different radio frequencies. Radio communication may experience echoes and interference, due to any electronic devices around Goliath and/or the building structure.

So, if during the cut you receive the messagge that the any tower is disconnected you should choose a different cofiguration for the connection with the sensors.
if you are using the configuration 1 you should try with configuration 4 or 5.

Please let us know if this solves your problem.

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