Unfixable hardware issue with Goliath CNC?


I received my Goliath today again after I sent it to Springa for repair.

Oddly enough, Springa didn’t send me any information on the repair process. I didn’t even receive a tracking confirmation from DHL, so I was quite surprised that DHL informed me about a big package waiting at my doorstep.

However, Springa must have done something with the machine because there was a new sticker and a 3d printed cover on the backplate pins.

But when I tried milling the job I wanted to mill the last time (I already wasted 2 wooden panels (~130€) on it), I got the exact same error as before I sent them my machine.

It seems that Goliath has a problem with a specific pattern:

It is a simple rectangle with the endpoints cut out in order to fit another panel inside.

But Goliath gives me consistently the same error:

I tried milling this pattern on different wooden sheets with different cutting parameters and on different areas of the sheets.

And now, after the assumed repair, I get the exact same error procedure again: Goliath starts milling, and Slingshot gives me the error message after the first depth pass, always at the exact same location.

Here is a picture after the problem occured:

It even occurs when the job has been restarted on an already milled surface, so the milling bit is only rotating in the air and not doing any work at all.

The reason why I think Goliath has some unsolvable issues, is that the exact same problem occured after the presumed “repair” at the Springa office. Before I sent the machine to Springa, I provided them with clear explanations about the problems described above, but only received some very short and odd answers (“move the wooden sheet away from the wall”; although Goliath is not able to detect that).

I’m not even mentioning the problems of the suction unit that can get clogged very easily by wooden threads. This also happenend a few times when I tried milling plywood.

I think Springa should be honest to their customers who paid a lot of money for a device in beta state and not send them back faulty machines!

I still hope that a solution can be found to my problems and am waiting for your response!

Hello Christian,
We’ve had Goliath back in to repair the vacuum system, which we hope is working properly.
As for the positioning error issue, we’re sorry it has recurred, and we’re sending you an email so we can provide assistance.

I had a similar problem and I am pretty sure it is to do with tabs :unamused:
So I do not use tabs but onion skin them if the cut has to be all the way ( that is leave a 1to 1.5 mm less than full depth). or try good old double sided tape to prevent wood flying around.

Hi Bhimarasetty, thanks for your input.
I don’t think that my problem is related to tabs, because Goliath stops exactly at the spot where a new depth pass is started. But for my specific cut, the tabs are actually unnecessary, but Slingshot forces me to use them :frowning:

Hello guys, some updates about tabs issue, it was related to a tab bug that was fixed with the release of the new software version.
The bug was related to the logic of tabs creation, which incorrectly modified the tracks.
With the new software, and thus the modification of the previous logic, the problem has been resolved.

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