What are these Red dots?

I imported an SVG file and on some geometry I get red dots, can someone tell me what this means?

i believe that means that those shapes are not totally closed. whatever you drew it in, make sure the polylines are joined and closed. “close path” in illustrator path (flyout menu on pathscribe), “pedit>close” in autocad, “closecrv” on rhino…

it happens to me on rhino if i forget to turn of my surfaces when i export lines… the svg comes out weird


I guess the red dots are not cut/error in impoting.
Some of them have no red dots you can copy the correct one by duplicating and replacing with the one with red dot. - replace at the same co-ordinates.
When you enlarge the canvas you may be able to see the errors…

Hi, we confirm what Louis said, the red dots indicate the presence of open vectors. To solve this problem, you will have to manipulate the svg in Inkscape to be able to close them. There is also a video tutorial about this which you can watch by clicking on the following link:

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