What software is best for the job?


I’m a proud owner of goliath now. But I don’t own a proper CAD software to create my projects.
Autodesk is way too expensive. The open-source programs, I found were too complicated to handel.

Please tell me, what kind of software you use, for what kind of job.
I’m willing to spend some money. So it should be for something that works for goliath.

Also, can you recommend a kind of liberty of designs and fonts to easily integrate in to the projects.

Thank you for your advises and hints.

I use QCAD, the free version, for all my 2D drawings.
Excellent import/export possibilities, sometimes I use some plugins for inkscape,
which I save in SVG and import into QCAD to adjust the drawings.

Until now I had no limitations in my projects that would made the paid version a must have.
Works on Windows, Linux and Mac.

You will need to be generating SVGs for import so inkscape is the goto free app but adobe illustrator is more powerful and easier in many respects IMHO.

I also use fusion 360 for designs where i want more CAD like functionality but then you have to get an SVG out of it.

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Just installed it, it’s a real deal

If you purchase turbo cad you own that copy.