When a line becomes a segment of a circle

A line can be considered as a segment of a circle with a radius nearing infinity.

Appearantly Slingshot is applying this principle to one of my lines:

X2257.095 Y69.329 Z-0.385 F900
G02 X2240.640 Y69.351 Z-1.154 I-8.217 J8.123
G03 X1067.510 Y1242.128 Z-1.923 I-1892012.329 J-1891407.153
G01 X1066.460 Y1242.736 Z-2.308
G03 X1052.989 Y1240.603 Z-3.077 I-5.266 J-10.343
G01 X846.810 Y1034.411 Z-3.462

Slingshot gave my “line” a radius of about 1,89 km… :blush:

My toolchain: DXF (DoubleCAD) → Inkscape (DXF to SVG) → Slingshot (SVG import). I know for sure that a drew a line in my DXF file…

And as we know from numerical math, when dealing with big numbers accuracy often gets lost…

The line upwards can’t connect to the radius of the horizontal line and when coming back Goliath takes a different (parallel) path…

Hi Koenraad, we kindly ask you to send us your SVG file, log and project to support@springa.tech
This way we can investigate what happened.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the SVG or project files anymore as they were overwritten… (I could only recover the .NC an log-file) but if it happens again, I will store them.

No, problem please send us the log file and the G-Code if you can retrieve it. Thank you very much.

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Is there any advice or resolution to this issue it has effecting multiple projects of mine. I just discovered this thread and used the basic free cnc viewer tool to view the .nc file. This confirmed that I had some lines that are being interpreted as arcs with several hundred meter radius’. Is there any way to address this or do I have to manually check gcode files before cutting and look for ridiculously large I and J values in the gcode data?
pretty frustrating issue as it can completely ruin a project and waste expensive material.