Which bit for Goliath


My standard 6mm bit which came with Goliath is worn out.

Which bits can you recommend for Goliath? I’m looking for a 4mm and 6mm end mill.

Also, how does the number of flutes impact the milling process?

I tried milling with a 2 flute end mill, but the cut didn’t came out well, although the wood was quite soft (birch).

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Two flute will clear double amount of wood.

Try this video.

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Hi, @Bhimarasetty!

thanks for the interesting video!

Have you tried other bits than the one which came with Goliath?

Can you recommend any bit in specific?

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I have used a 3mm two flute bit I bought from amazon in the past very cheap, can’t remember how much.
I used a 3mm converter to fit into the collett.
Just now trying a 60 degree v bit for some detail work on my hedgehog project.
I shoild have cut to a depth of 0.2 mm instead of 0.6mm.

It is a pencil stand and trying to put the detail.

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