Why do you have to restart everything when the project is finished?

Why do you have to restart everything when the project is finished?

hello Frank,
because it has not been developed yet the status reset function, so rebooting the robot doesn’t ensure that everything in Slingshot restarts well. Anyway, this is a pretty small aspect to be implemented and is currently in the backlog of features to be released.

I had problem yesterday , I realised that the board was not correct as Goliath started the 1st track. Emergency stop by lifting the tower wire resulted in error stop- I then rearranged the board but could not start cutting as a fresh cut and it recognises the previous work and does not work. I had to get back to the project and made minor changes and resaved then it worked.
Is there any way to reset the robot if things go wrong?

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Hello Bhimarasetty
To restart the robot is necessary to switch off Goliath, pressing the ignition button, and turn it on again.
Moreover we are working to a Software update which will be realesed by the end of the year that will permit you to select some tracks as already cut so will be possible to open a saved started project and continue it. :slight_smile:


Why not making the start up flow for Goliath and towers, independed of the project flow

  1. connecting Goliath via users preferred Wifi connection
  2. run the Goliath & towers connection procdure
  3. set panel size via towers or manually
    once this set-up is done, this should stay active as long Goliath isn’t shut down

goto project and you can start working on one project after another.


Dear all,
thanks to the latest Slingshot and Firmware releases of 16 March 2022, is no more necessary to restart everything when a project is finished!

Please update to the following versions to enjoy this feature:

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