WIFI Goliath not working

Good morning everyone, I can lo longer find Goliath WIFI on my pc wireless connections. It simply is not visible, I tried from severals devices. Is it possibile to reset the Goliath?

Hi Albertog,
I had the same issue and met with Davide this morning via video conference. When you go to panel detect, follow the steps and then click the top prompt “connect to an existing wifi”. if the next screen you see says “please restart Goliath and connect to correct network” - this is an error. It should say “please wait while Goliaths wifi connects”. Just wait, the wifi will connect within a couple of minutes. At the top of your screen you will have 3 icons, one for Wifi, one for towers. Once it connects you can then finish the prompts and connect your towers. I was going crazy. I kept seeing that message and kept resetting the wifi completely and was going in circles. Hope this helps

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It won’t say in your network connections that it is connected to Goliath at this point, it will show you on slingshot at the top when the icon is lit up.

Hold the yellow button on your Goliath for 5 seconds. The WiFi indicator will change to red. Turn the Goliath off and on again and check your network settings again. This usually works for me.

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Hi albertog,
did the solution proposed by doriantriga97 solved your issue?
Please let us know.

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I’m having similar issues with Wi-Fi.

  1. I have updated the firmware on both the Goliath and the towers using the USB cable. Slingshot does not recognize these updates because I cannot connect to them via Wi-Fi.

Tower 1

  1. The slingshot app will not connect to any wi-fi network. The Goliath internal or any external network.

  2. is there a way to input the local Wi-Fi information, into the Slingshot app and input the serial numbers to get the Goliath and the towers to connect. Or a way to open a connection to the Goliath through the USB and configure the Goliath and in turn the towers?

I’m using this at a school, so creating alternate networks and temporarily bringing security down to connect isn’t an option.

Hi Brumbaugh,
Goliath can connect to Wi-Fi networks with frequencies of 2.4GHz.
The security protocol can be WPA, WPA2, WEP, or an open network.

If the school network has a different security protocol, like the one that requires a username and password, Goliath cannot connect to it.

You should try to connect directly to the Goliath Wi-FI or use a hotspot of the smartphone and tell Goliath to use that network.

Please let me know if this info helps you.

Hi Brumbaugh,
can you please give an update on this?


Thank you everybody and thank you @doriantriga97 , It worked as you suggested. I’m sorry I’m giving the feedback only now, very busy times.

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