Wire crochet loom

Here is a small project for my wife . A 10 cmm 40 hole wire crochet loom made with 12mm mdf.


Hello there! This is very cool!
Thank you very much to sharing it with us! :heart_eyes:

Awesome practical cut! So cool to be able to DIY items like this. There’s a satisfaction to it. :slight_smile:



Neato. 1/2" MDF is still like 60$ a sheet around here so this project is worth its weight in gold!

Same here. Wood prices, gas prices, food prices oh my! :wink:


We have Ikea store and they have a place outside the store where they dispose damaged/returned furniture wood can be collected free :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Wow that’s cool! No Ikea around here. :frowning: