2.5D CARVING relief or "non constant depth pocket "

I’m really interrested in the Goliath solution but I need a feature which I’m not sure is supported by Goliath.
I need to be able to carve 2.5D things, and on the FAQ it’s said that 2.5 milling is supportted but I did not find any example on youtube, could someone point me to something relevant?
In fact I need 2.5D carving such as reliief or “non constant depth pocket”
Could someone point me to something relevant? Or is that finally not possible for now?


I’m sorry, but did you find any information on this??

Hi, you can find an example of our 2.5D machining at the following link:

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I haven’t tried this, but my guess is you’d need to have multiple “nested” pockets. So a if you wanted to make (for example) a bowl shape, you’d need to have the largest radius, outermost pocket with a depth of 3mm (arbitrary number). Then you’d need to make smaller radius pocket slightly deeper. After multiple passes, you’d have a “stepped” bowl shape. You could then either sand or use another bit (I’m guessing ball-end or 45 degree bit) centered the edge of the steps to round/machine down the steps.

I’m pretty sure that Slingshot does not have a feature to describe a pocket of infinitely varying depth; it has to have a set depth and basically make “steps”. But by using a different bit or just sanding, you can probably eliminate the steps. For basic shapes, like the bowl example, this is probably fine, but not a great proposition for true 3D carving.

Hello! Goliath would have to be capable of working in 3D in order to carry out such a process, but at the moment it is only capable of 2.5D. The machine is already set up to work in three dimensions, but a number of firmware and software changes are required. So it will definitely be possible in the future, but we don’t yet have a precise date on when this will happen.

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