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I have no idea if the machine is messed up or I am, I have tried for over 6 hours with this thing. First slingshot would not work, found that problem was PC matic blocking it Goliath cut out one 2 foot x2 foot pumpkin but not all the way. I have tried 7 times to cut out a 2nd pumpkin Goliath moves a few CM them stops. Same error each time. I have moved the towers and restarted everything several times, changed the pumpkin drawing, changed cut depth, z axis nothing is working. "incorrect cutting program, try reducing depth per pass or feedrate. Dull Mill Bit, ( just got the thing and opened it today. dirty wheels, (not the issue) over stretch cord (no way) Object blocking path, (No again) 5 restarts 7 aborts. I think I may get my 4 grand back and buy wood projects, if this keeps up I will end up going crazy. I will give it a few day but right now I think it is going back in the box and getting returned. Over 2 months waiting for it watching video on you tube no one had these issues.

Hy, first of all, have you tried disabling the antivirus? Do you use Win 10?
I think we have a same problem…