Are circles not possible yet?

More testing before I commit. Testing circles on plywood before cutting some acrylic and results were, well egg shaped. Measured and drew a known circle using a bucket. It lined up well on all 3 passes. Is it not ready for this level of accuracy?

Hello, thanks for your post, we need to give al look at your working set-up and you project and G-Code file. We are contacting you privately with all indication about how to proceed with sending.

Apologies for the false alarm. As I mentioned I was still in my testing stages and was not using a suitable base to support my material. I have since relocated my material to the floor and ran the job again. Much much better. Apparently the weight of the bot caused just enough flex in the material to give inaccurate positioning. I will take this into consideration in determining my permanent work area.
Please close this ticket.


Hi, great, we are glad you managed to solve the problem, you are right one of the determinants of an accurate cut is how flat the working surface is, which is why we suggest everyone cut on the floor. If you need us we are at your disposal.