Bit calibration problem


I’m working on a project to make a logo sign but i’m running into a problem. i have followed the video on " How to check and import a correct svg file in Slingshot" and that seems to all be correct. i have put on a 3mm bit as a custom bit.

the panel detection also works and sending the Gcode also seems to work fine. then my problem starts after sending the gcode to the goliath, im getting a popup saying:

“Open the spindle protection and replace the bit with:3mm. When done press the play button and let Goliath calibrate the tool. press again to resume working”

I have opend the protection and put in my 3mm bit but then when i press the start button on the goliath the bit will not go down. i have tried it multiple times but nothing happens.

I’ve been reading on the forums but can’t find a solution so if anyone could shine some light on my problem please let me know.

Hello Indy, we’ve just sent you an e-mail, we need to analyze your log file and project. In this way we can better understand reason of issue you are experiencing.

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I guess you have the latest software and firm ware.
I had multiple times similar problem it was wifi issues for me.
Resolved by connecting to existing network option which is a default for latest software.
It is standard to ask for confirmation of the bit/ bit change. If the yellow button on top doesn’t work please repeat, if it is wifi issues some times it settles.
You cam use jog mode plesae read my previous topics on jog mode issues/ problems.
Good luck.

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