BUG - Goliath driving off panel

I’ve had two instances of the Goliath driving off the panel after using a “move to X/Y” function in jogging.

All is fine but very concerning.

This seems to be after completing a job and with no other maneuvering or manual jogging.

Happy to provide any other details as required.

Hi, we received the same report from another user, we have made several checks and found that the problem arises when pressing the directional keys before Goliath has finished calibration (spindle rising and falling). To make this clearer and more noticeable we are preparing a workaround which will be included in the next Slingshot releases.


I also know the problem.
But when I started work, Goliath drove off the plate.
And have some other problems.
Circles are oval, changing position by 0.5mm for each working round.
Nothing in the right position. Correctly positioned on the Slingshot.

Hi, regarding the issue of oval circles we would like to have a look at your log and project files which you can extract by following the guide attached here:

If your parts are not accurate that means that your feed rate (1000 mm/min) is too high…

Set it to 240 - 300 mm/min with a spindle speed around ‘2’. Depending on the quality of your panels (hard vs soft), you can raise the feed rate gradually.

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The feed speed had no effect on the accuracy, I tried it with different speeds.
With each turn, Goliath wanders 1mm further from its correct position.