BUG - Pocketing Issues

I attempted my first pocketing operation today as I run my new machine through its paces.

The pocketing operation as it stands seems rather shoddy.

A simple square (at 45°) was turned into something like 6 operations with multiple Z-axis lifts.

Mostly it did the right thing, but on two cuts of the same piece is left uncut bits in the path.

The same bits were left in both cuts of the same design, so it seems the fault is in the g-code generated.

Bug: Fix pocketing so this doesn’t happen.

Request: Allow pocketing to be one operation, and perhaps allow for pocketing path travel to be specified - spiral, zigzag, etc.

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Hi, thank you very much for the report, we are sorry for the result.
We would like to take a look at your log file for the date you made the cut, could you kindly send it to us at support@springa.tech? Then reach the folder where it is contained by pasting the following link C:\Springa\Slingshot\Log in the document path bar.