Bug report no. 10

This is my perceived 10th bug report, but the bugs are still very major!!

Goliath software doesn’t seem to mature. After the 5th software update, basically nothing has changed. Maybe older bugs are fixed (at a very slow rate), but new ones are always occuring.

I really demand an explanation from the executive team, what the status of Goliath software is and what the problems for a stable version are!

I think we, the users paying a lot of money and then being utilized as alpha testers at least deserve honest explanations!

Bug report:

When milling a circle today, Goliath just kept going endlessly. No depth was done, and after 8 useless rounds, I had to stop the cut.

Tab placement is a complete mess - I milled three small rectangles, all with the exact same sizes and placed 4 tabs for each rectangle, resulting in one rectangle having no tabs at all (18 mm cut without tabs) , one rectangle having a continuous tab (16 mm depth), one rectangle having two tabs combined with each other - not a single rectangle came out the way I wanted it!

Again, accuracy was awful - Holes in the middle of infills were complete off. Goliath turned around like crazy, impossible to have it face in one direction in order to improve accuracy!


I suppose you’re using Goliath firmware 1.2.3 and Slingshot version 1.9.3?

To check if the problem is related Goliath or to Slingshot, you have to look into de .NC-file of your project.

What material were you cutting and with which cutting parameters (feed rate, bit size, flutes, RPM, depth per pass,…)? I have fairly good succes with plywood (WBP) at fairly low feed rates (about 1000 mm/min) and a small router bit (4 mm, 2 flutes, upwards, RPM ‘2’).

yes, I updated Goliath before the cutting operation.

My cutting parameters:

feedrate between 500-800 (slower for smaller pieces)
6mm 1 flute bit (CMT Orange from springa)
router speed 4
3 mm depth per pass
cutting beech plywood

Thanks for the tip with the 4mm bit, I have to try that.

Still, my problems are clearly not related to the cutting parameters.

In this picture, you can see the mess with tabs. One tab was placed on each side of the rectangle.
On the rectangle on the bottom, there is a big tab, clearly not what I had intended.

Top left, there is a single big tab, on the right no tab at all.

I have no clue how the endless circle bug (the circle can be seen on the picture as well) came to pass - According to the log, Goliath plunged about 0.2 mm every circle. Also clearly not what I intended and not programmed at all - plunge rate was set to 200mm/min

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another example of the tab placement bug - actually 2 tabs were placed, Goliath just milled a big one