Bugs and issues

A report about some bugs.

  • Goliath cannot detect my wifi network (that is 2.4 Ghz and WPA2)
  • If I try a move with jog during Z calibration, Goliath does a big move and try to suicide itself by jumping out of the stock panel.
  • In the jog, manual does not release the Goliath.
  • Could you add keyboard’s arrow for the jog ?

Hi, thanks for your post, could you give us more details? Can’t you see the connection in the list of selectable ones? Have you tried restarting your router? Doing a test with a different connection such as a hot spot presents the same problem?

As for your second point, do you mean that you enter Jog mode while the spindle is raising and lowering, or do you move the machine during this procedure?

What version of software and firmware are you using?

The network is not in the list. I restarted my router and it works perfectly with a lot of machines (3D printers, CNC, lasers, computers) but not with Goliath…
When you enter in jog mode and try to move, sometimes Goliath goes crazy with a big move. Try to use the jog because this is quite frequently.
The last version of Slingshot and firmwares.

We need to give a look at your log files, we are contacting you privately with information about how to extract and send them to us.