Chamfer the edge of a cut using a V-Bit

This section was looking loney so i thought I would repeat something that I already have in the feature request list regarding the use of a V-Bit to ease the edge of a cut.

I tell the software that my endmill is narrower than it really is so that it will go closer to the edge, then I have a dedicated track definition (duplicate of the path i want to chamfer) that only plunges a small amount (like .2 or so) so that the V edge creates a chamfer on the edge of the piece. This could be much easier if it was natively supported without lying to the software about my bit (Hence my feature request already submitted). :slight_smile:



First of all, thank you for your comprehensive explanation on how to do this. Thank you for drawing attention to your previous feedback again, technical department is currently evaluating its feasibility and determining whether to implement it in one of the future versions of the software.

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