Change bit on the same cut for change from downcut to upcut

I have an 18mm piece of plywood wood that is very stringy on the surface causing a very rough cut that fails the job after a while presumably because goliath either gets stuck on the strands or the woodchips cant extract through the strands causing friction on the bit and chatter etc. To combat this I need to cut the first pass or couple of passes with a DOWNCUT bit to shave those strands off properly and then change to an UPCUT bit to then cut the full depth of the material and properly extract the wood chips. It doesn’t seem that there is any way to do this in Slingshot.
I have tricked it into doing this by performing a cut at about 6mm with my downcut bit. Then I restart everything and re-open the saved project and tell it to cut at full depth and just manually switch out the bit to my upcut bit.
The problem with this is is still has to go around and cut nothing for the first few passes because there is no way I am aware of to tell it to start cutting at certain depth or to arrange a bit change after performing all the initial cuts at a certain depth with my downcut bit.
You can perform mid cut bit changes for different cuts you have setup with a different bit but cannot do this for pre-existing cuts.
Does anyone have any information on how to do this? Any tips or tricks i might not be considering? or Slingshot Devs, could this feature be added?
Sorry for the lengthy post but any help is appreciated.

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Hy Tim, Do you think you can set it up like this: 1) Create the drawing by setting a single cutting depth using the first tool. 2) Select the whole drawing and copy it by overlapping the figures. 3) At this point for the second set of lines of the geometry, set a further pass or passes with the other tool.
in this way the first pass of the drawing will do it with the first tool at the desired depth, for the second pass Goliath will ask you to change tool and starting again will finish the job. It should work. Let me know

I thought I tried that and it showed the red lines on the copied cut but Maybe I was doing something wrong. I will try that again as soon as I can and I will report the results. Thank you for your response as well. I appreciate the help.

Use a compression bit and make your first pass .05in deeper than than the transition point in the bit between the up and down cutting flutes. :slight_smile: