Connection to wifi network

Hello, after connecting my computer to Goliath’s wifi and entering the password nothing happens. I don’t get any access to settings in order to set goliath’s connection to my network. The Slingshot also doesn’t show any wifi connection options, wifi button doesn’t respond. Please advice how to fix this.
Thank you!

Good morning Ruben, thank you for your post.
We have a question for you, did you do the whole panel detection process correctly? Have you tried connecting to an existing network rather than Goliath’s?

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I am connected to my home Wi-Fi but Goliath is not setup. How can I connect Goliath to my wifi network? I can’t access Goliath’s Wi-Fi settings when I connect my computer to Goliath’s WiFi to setup the connection.

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Thank you Lucia,
I have worked it out, it is connected now. I was trying to connect before going through panel detection process.
Thanks for your help!

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Hello, we are glad you were able to connect. If you have any further problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I have the same problem.
If i go trought the setup procedure, it ask me if i want to configure a new wifi.
Then i connect to the goliath but it is not possible to see my network here (2,4Ghz).

And if i restart goliath (like the recomendation), i get an error message 4 times.

Any ideas?

Cheers Mathis

A new firmware was the solution.

11-04-2023, I have not used the goliath for 2 months. today I updated slingshot and tried to connect during panel detection. blue light on goliath it connected but after g code was mde it would not send gcode to goilaith. was trying to figure out new slingshot. started over 3 times. on 4th time selected connect via exiting wifi, still nothing. walked away came back after cooling off, (me not Goliath). Now goliath has no direct wifi it is not Brodcasting a signal. when I try to connect on house wifi it will not connect and every 5 second I get error pop up " not connected to goliath" so I have to keep clicking that to continue trouble shooting. I update goliath software but had the latest version but had it install thinking it may reset the goliath wifi. I have spent 4 hours and 30 min trying to set this up . I could have cut this out with a saw in an hour. This is getting to be normal when using goiliath.

Hi p326down,
sorry for the problem you are experiencing.
You should have tried resetting Goliath’s Wi-Fi board.
To do this you have to hold down the yellow button until the Wi-Fi LED turns red, and then turn Goliath off and on again.

Please let me know if this helps you.