Cutting MDF and what I've learned

Hi All,

I wanted to share somethings I have learned over the past weeks using the goliath to cut MDF .

I started with the parameter like I had been using cutting 12mm plywood, 1250mm/min, double fluted bit, and 3mm per pass, router speed 4. This was creating a ton us fine dust and I kept having issues with the machine slipping.

I dropped the parameters to 500mm/min, single flute bit, 2 mm per pass and router speed 1. This helped a lot and I started getting clean cuts. Two issues I ran into, on the return, dust would build up on the tower cable and cause it to stop retracting, so I would periodically stop the machine and clean the the dust off the cable.

The strangest error I made was in placing the power cord next to tower 1, when the machine was running on the opposite corner of the 4x8 sheet, the spring of the power coil would start to pull the machine and it would slip on the fine dust. I moved the power cable to suspended above the sheet at center which solved that mistake.

The other thing I found is a very lightly damp cheap 3" paint brush is really good at cleaning the wheels. This is the best method I’ve found.


Hmm! interesting! I got some strange results in the past with MDF, but hadn’t considered the dust to be the culprit. But come to think of it, it may very well be the issue. It looked like missing steps or some positioning inaccuracy, which may have been related to the dust build up at the towers. Thanks!