Drag Knife attachment

Has anyone tried or know if a drag knife will work with Goliath?

You would have to replace the rotary tool with a knife holder, and need additional coding to put the knife in the right position each time it changes direction.

It’s just a different type of operation if you ask me.

Thanks pelgrim, The knife attachments I’ve seen have a bearing to allow it to turn when then spindle changes direction. I didn’t know if you have a setting that would not let the spindle spin but just drag the knife as if drawing a line.

Thanks again for your input.

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There are drag knives that do not have an orientation setting, they are really dragged over the fabric and sort of follow the machine. This does make problems with sharp corners, which can be solved as follows:

so black would be the material to cut, and red is the path of the drag knife. This way, you don’t need a method of actually aligning the knife and can really drag it along. This does give problems with inside corners of course, but the drag knives i’ve seen can fit inside a standard spindle if you block its rotation and you can use that in slingshot as it currently is :smiley: