Drilling holes - Warning: "Track smaller then selected bit diameter"

I have about 56 holes to drill in my project, in order to do this you have to give your circle the diameter of your milling bit and set the cut operation to “Fill”.

For 16 holes - say 30% of all holes - I get the warning “Track smaller then selected bit diameter”

Looks like Slingshot has issues with comparing numerical values or with updating numerical values (internal data management)…

Again, an unbelievable bug in Slingshot as if it was written by absolute beginners…

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Hello thank you for your post. Can you please send us your SVG file, log and project at support@springa.tech?

Files are sent.

But you can easily replicate this bug by creating a new project and drawing a rectangle with some “holes” in it (diameter = bit size and cut operation = “Fill”).

I did this with two holes… first hole no problem, for the second one I get the warning.

The idea behind my wasteboard project was to cut 19mm holes for doghole clamps. At first the order of cuts was not linear at all. Second, the holes are not ideal. Going to finish out with my router and guide plate. And I got the 3 red leds. Assuming that’s an overheat warning? I noticed the dust collector fins on the spindle protector were clogging up.

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As indicated in this topic Goliath is not accurate when it comes to make relatieve small circles or holes.

Is there any difference in accuracy between the holes near the Tower-edge and those far away from this edge?

I’m trying to solve this by just making holes as big as my router bit. This way, I only have to rely on the positioning accuracy of Goliath (which should be better… fingers crossed).

Not that I can tell. I kept a 8” border all around.

Reducing the feed rate to about 300 mm/min might also help in getting more accurate holes.

By the way, for your project it might be better to use a manual method (with some special tools):

The problem occurs because the hole you want to make is exactly the same size as the cutter, and because there is a bug on the approximation of the circles and arcs that put in a small straight line, the bit does not fit. We are fixing this bug but in the meantime it can be avoided by creating a slightly larger hole, in your case 6.05.
The tutorial about holes on our YouTube channel, which specifies that they have to be machined using fill, is now outdated and will be removed. According to current Goliath logic, they should be milled using the inside function.