Dust Bin Failure

Has anyone else experienced a failure of the dust bin. On my second project, the dust bin went from failing a little to to complete failure requiring me to duct tape it completely closed (inside and out). That being said, the job only lasted an hour give or take before complete failure again.

I the bin gets quite warm which leads me to believe the pressure and temperature makes both the original tape/glue and the duct tape fail after an hour of continuous use.

I’ve noticed it get quite warm, but no catastrophic failure like you have. So far I’ve cut two full MDF sheets, but there have been frequent stops, so it had chance too cool off inbetween.

Hi Micheal,
unfortunately, this is an issue we know very well: it is caused by the gluing process we applied during the assembly of the first 100 units. We improved the process and the last batch did not show problems. We are working to replace all these dust collector bins with new ones to prevent this problem in the upcoming weeks.
I suggest you contact us at support@springa.tech in order to confirm your address so that we can ship you a new bin next week.
Enjoy the weekend

That’s great to hear. What kinda of glue are you using? I was thinking of fixing it with 5 minute epoxy or CA glue in the meanwhile and am curious to hear your thoughts.

Additionally, I emailed support on Tuesday and have not heard back. I did provide my address in the initial email so possibly a replacement is already in progress - it’s unclear.