Error with depth

In my latest Project, I had two mayor issues with the cutting depth

I wanted to cut a fine line with 2 mm depth. According to Slingshot, Goliath cut exactly 5 mm. As you can see on the pictures.

Than, after a tool change, Goliath started cutting the outer Line. in the first round, it got down to 3 mm. In the second round, it plunged realy deep. Like 20 mm, untli I stopped it. I use the 6mm router bit an 10 mm plywood.

Can you see, what I’ve done wrong? Or is it a bug in the software?

Bus (332.8 KB)

I have seen this once but found the cutter loose in the collar. Check it is tight firmly

That was actually the problem. At least for the deep ´plunge. But it doesn’t explain the 5mm instead of 2 mm.
Today, I had the same Problem again. Goliath plunged 5 mm instead of 3 mm per round and also left out the taps. I ended up, copying the one part, it made by hand.

Still happy with the result

Bus (232.2 KB)

The variation of the pass depth depends on a calibration error of the Z-axis. In order to increase the accuracy of the set depth, we have included a Z-axis calibration step in the new version of Slingshot. Where it is possible to choose from the options the calibration on a steel surface, which gives good results.

We also confirm what JacobD said about not greasing the cutter correctly, it can lead to errors in the depth of cut.

@Lucia I can’t confirm your explanation. It didn’t cut to deep due to a calibration error. It went to 5 mm depth according to slingshot. Even though, I set the depth to 2 mm.

I used the calibration on the tool instead of on the wooden surface. But i don’t believe, it would make an error of 3 mm.

Thank you for your reply. After mounting the cutter correctly did the problem reoccur? If so, could you send us your log file for the date you started having the problem to You can reach the folder where it is contained by pasting the following link C:\Springa\Slingshot\Log in the document path bar.