Firmware 1.2.3 not installing

twice now I have tried to install latest firmware. All goes well, I reset Goliath as instructed, power back on, white flashing LED then normal blinking LEDs but Slingshot still tells me that Goliath is running 1.2.2. anyone else have luck upgrading?

I’ve done the upgrade without any problems.

Slinshot can only tell if 1.2.4 is installed after the “panel detection routine”, not sooner.

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Good morning Stupper, in order to be able to see the updated version, it is necessary to restart Goliath.

Hmm, I did check my version… after instaling 1.2.3 Goliath still says that 1.2.2 is installed…

Even after installing 1.2.3 again…

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Thank you for your reply, we would like to understand the reason for your problem, could you please send us at the log file relating to the date of your last update attempt?

OK done!

Maybe you forgot to give the latest firmware it’s correct internal name? Everything installs well but Goliath says that “1.2.2 was intalled”:

Hi, we have updated the server-side file, it should work now. Could you kindly try again and tell us if you can see the correct version?

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OK! Now it says 1.2.3 :smile:

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Great! Thanks for your feedback.

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