Firmware Update / Downgrade?

Springa -
I was just checking to make sure my Goliath has the latest firmware. When I run the firmware tool for Goliath it says there is an update but it would appear that my current version is actually newer??? Should I actually complete this update?

I had the same problem. I did the update anyway. When I checked by trying to update again, it said I had the latest firmware. I’ve no idea if I have.

Goliath software seems very buggy.

Hello, latest firmware version is 1.01, your is 1.0 so we confirm need to be updated.
Below you can find the guide about how to proceed

Why is it telling me I’ve got 1.1.0, that it’s the latest version and that it is already installed?

Just a thought, but since the periods and numbering in the naming is both critical and slightly confusing it might be helpful to name each firmware update (i.e. a firmware update is available please download Abel or Delfin or Egret etc.) so people like me can’t be confused :grin:

Very confusing. It seems even they are confused. Customer services tell me I need to upgrade but the software tells me the latest firmware is installed.

I will definitely bring your suggestion to the attention of the UI designers. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hello Goldfinger, at the moment, we are unable to remotely verify which firmware version our users are using. However, in the event of a problem, we suggest checking whether you are using the latest firmware and software version.

That’s no problem, I can easily check it myself.

Can you send me the link to the list of software and firmware updates and bug fixes? I can’t find it.

Hello Goldfinger, in our monthly update we always share a list of what we have fixed, changed and implemented compared to previous versions of Firmware and Software.
You can information you need here —> News — Goliath CNC

Hi Lucia.

I had a look and I see that firmware update announcements are buried in ‘Project Updates’.

I’ll try and include screenshots of how Carbide 3D presents their software updates. I find it much simpler and straightforward. Their software, like yours, alerts you to updates.