FR - Bit Definition for V bits

If possible, can you add a vcarve bit definition for easing the edges of a cut? This may require additional V bit functionality in slingshot other than just the bit definition, but it would be nice to check a box to ease the edges of certain paths with a v carve bit. :slight_smile:



Hi William, thanks for this valuable feedback. In order to carry out machining of this type Goliath should be able to work in 3D but at the moment it is only capable of 2.5D. However, this is an idea that will probably be implemented when we upgrade the machine to work in 3 dimensions.

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I already do this manually so its possible today but it would be nice to simplify my method and have the software do it.

I tell the software that my endmill is narrower than it really is so that it will go closer to the edge, then i have a dedicated track definition that only plunges a small amount so that the V edge creates a chamfer on the edge of the piece. This could be much easier if it was natively supported without lying to the software about my bit. :slight_smile: