FR - Dogbone Operation

It would be highly useful to have a dogbone operation option for corners.


I like that idea! :slight_smile:


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Dogbones are essential for press-fit applications.

This project of mine was about 6ft tall (2 meters) and used 2 sheets of plywood. The entire thing is two repeating pieces (2+2 per level) just press-fit together, and then stacked based on the slotting.

It was done in Fusion 360 and then cut on a large German industrial CNC.

(hence my desperate pleas to get Goliath a little more into the “professional” arena and not be so beholden to SVG. I need to use DXF at a minimum, with its accurate dimensions)



Hi, first of all congratulations, a beautiful project! It really is a very interesting feedback, thank you for sharing it with us. Is already on the agenda the function that will allow DXFs to be imported directly. Moreover, we confirm that the current version of Goliath will not be the only one, we plan to develop a version dedicated to professional categories in the coming years.

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DXF import would go a LONG WAY to making this more useful to the larger community.

Fusion 360 is free for non-commercial use and SVG isn’t “directly” possible. DXF is there tho, and a lot of public designs are DXF.

You can use Shaper Origin’s plugin (somewhat a competitor to the Goliath) to get some SVG export functionality in Fusion 360.

Still, SVG is a dirty hack and DXF would be AMAZING.

More robust CAM operations in Slingshot would also be highly beneficial (like dogbones). I keep going on about CAMBAM but really they have a very nice basic CAD and robust CAM operation feature set that is pretty much what Slingshot “should” do (in my opinion :grin:)

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Hi, thank you very much for all the information, and for your valuable suggestions, we are already working on enabling the direct import of dxf into Slingshot. As for the possibility of implementing further types of machining, we will certainly bring this up to our technical team.

is there any news about DXF files in slinghshot?

Looking at the release notes (I have not loaded the software), it seems like v2 a minor incremental improvement over the v1.

When I come back here a year later I find my same feature requests to still be sitting near the top of the list and nothing actioned on them.

I do see SVG can now be parsed with dimensions from Adobe Illustrator, which is nice - but Illustrator isn’t a CAD application. Hopefully it can read SVG out of Fusion 360 with accurate dimensions and units at least.

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