Goliath and Laser Cutter?

Considering there are 300 dollar CNC diode lasers like the stack atom that can cut 10mm plywood. Is there any chance Goliath can also support them? Having 120 on board means you already can use a power convertor and all you would need is way to trigger the laser and a new mounting mechanism. might be too slow to engrave but cut you could use the Z axis to heck push a button even! not that i am suggesting that and sure there must be a hidden IO port that can be routed out.

if nothing else the ability to switch between being able to use a router to pocket larger bit and the laser to get insane cuts and engravings would no doubt increase sales.

Thanks for the consideration.

I’ve thought about duct taping a sharpie onto my machine, or a drag knife.

Still no reply? It’s easy guys. With Diode 20 to 30w lasers. you replace the cutter on Goliath with a laser cutter and update your software to be able to turn it on. SURELY there must be some way to get a single digital on or off OR better yet an analog signal from Goliath Motherboard to the front of the machine and allow a laser to be powered on/ off (or 0 to 255 power), off the 120V that is already there! Suddenly you can dont have to worry about gaps to roll over or heating or even alot of dust as the current crop of what, 100-dollar laser cutters can cut 15mm wood with almost no dust or gap and your machine WILL SELL and be a viral success again! It so simple and you don’t have to mod much either! If your slingshot software and motherboard was open source the community can do it for you now. AND what does it buy you and ALL of us? A laser cutter that can has a workspace of amazing proportions and still the ability to cut wood with a router. I mean by NOW you should allow bearing routed bits to match round edges even and we dont even have a solid piece of software yet. If you need revenue to KEEP going PIVOT to laser and do it now! Your software can ALREADY handle this reliably.