Goliath for Sale - South Carolina

Hi folks, I am selling my Goliath CNC. It is currently still in the box, never used. I took it out of the box to attempt setup (easy enough) but never actually operated it - I am a heavy CAD user, so I grew frustrated with Inkscape & other drawing software packages. I am located in South Carolina. Asking $2,800obro.

I primarily use autocad and import using inkscape. I’d be happy to help you out if you like. One of the nice things is once you get it figured out once, you can save the inkscape file as a “template” - mine is saved as a 4x8 sheet- and import onto the template and it comes out right every time. I’m located in PA.

you still have it? looking to buy one

Yes, still have it. I’ve had a few folks looking at it but they didn’t want to pay for it. Feel free to reach out to me over email (tblack1542@yahoo.com). I will likely be able to respond quicker & will provide my phone # that way.