Goliath goes unwanted Path

i’m trying to make flexible wood by cutting lines in it.

But Golitah misses its path.

Can someone explane the error or can give me a hint how to solve it?

Thanks in advance
This it should be:

This i get:

also other try s dont work.
i tryed different drictions without a solution

The hour glass shape was cut resonable but the stright lines are not good.
What program did you use for the art work?
Did you try with a new bit( there are some char marks indicating the bit getting too hot)
What speeds try and lower goliath speed not the router speed- it will take longer time to cut.
Try straight line into boxes (two lines into a box)
When cutting if goliath was struggling then it could be the bit being dull are initial depth is too deep.
If you can share the svg file I can try to cut.
Good luck

Hello @chab we think the problem might be related to the orientation in which each row is carried out, we should do some checking to be sure. We will need your project file. We are sending you an email.