Goliath users in the UK

I am a hobbyist wood worker retired from medical profession and plenty of time for hobbies.
Wondering how many goliath users in the UK?
Would like to exchange views.

I’m English but I live in France. I’ve got a Goliath and I think it is a fantastic design and well made.

Unfortunately, I’m having a lot of issues getting it to run properly. Customer support has been very good but the bottom line is my machine is unusable at the moment.

My advice would be to wait until all the glitches are sorted out.

I received my Goliath in September as a kickstarter backer.
Yes there were a few- teething troubles looks like it is getting better. The new software update and firmware update are woking fine now.
The main problem I had was with wifi- the local goliath wifi will supress my internrt hence can not connect to server(?for verigication) some how with help from customer support i am fine now.
Still awaiting newer updates. When I look in the log files there are many indexing errors???
Any way it is fun trouble shooting- DavideC DEO@springa responses are very helpful.

After I got going, wifi wasn’t a problem.

I’ve checked the software and firmware in Slingshot ad it says I’m up to date. Is it reliable?

Have you checked the log files? Or the project log?

No. I don’t know how to. I have sent them to Springa, though.

Before sending the GCode to Goliath, you can check it inside the project folder, which you can find in this path ‘C:\Springa\Slingshot\Projects’ or the path you have chosen during the Slingshot setup

What am I looking for when I’m in there?

I don’t know but if you look in the log file which is a text file you can see some interesting stuff. I am attaching my log file where you can see the version details and wifi details. I don’t know why I have so many unable to read index value errors?

From project you can see the canvas files and can see on gcode analyser from google. just for fun.
check the thread from David- goliath won’t cut

Interesting. I’ll have to have a look.