Goliath wifi has to be reset every time it’s turned on

Already installed the hot fix that was sent out this week. Everything is 100% up to date! Every time I go to panel detect, Goliaths wifi is no where to be found. I have to constantly “long press” the WiFi to reset it. This is exhausting! One year is how long I’ve had this machine! Guess how many projects I’ve been able to make? Z-E-R-O. I spent 6 hours on Monday, 8 hours yesterday and today I’ve been messing with it since 8:30am. It’s hit or miss if anyone responds. Please tell me why you continue to sell a product that is on back order and has no actual working software? This is exhausting! I truly really want to love Goliath, but I absolutely loathe Slingshot. Maybe partner with Cricut or Xtool, their software seems to be working. Can you feel my frustration yet? By the looks of this forum I’m not the only one frustrated! Thousands of dollars down the drain. Please hire software people. This is bonkers!

Hi Reddot1,
we have analyzed the log files you have sent us.
But in the log, there are much of information to understand what could be the cause of the problem you are experiencing.
We have sent you an email with the link to book a spot for a video call, we will investigate your issue.

That is amazing and I greatly appreciate it. I will look for it now. Thank you

Had a video chat with Davide this morning. He was able to help me get to the bottom of my problem. Apparently, I am reading the pop up box correctly “please reset Goliaths wifi and connect to correct wifi”. I was reading it correctly so I was attempting to power down Goliath and restart it, which was correct. However, the pop up window should say “please wait while Goliath connects to wifi”! Huge difference! They are working on a fix so anyone else that reads the prompts will get the correct message. Davide was awesome. He gave me some great tips and I am actively cutting my first project. Im so happy!

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Hi Reddot1,
we have released a Slingshot update, where the whole connection interface has been improved.
The improvement consists of new icons and wordings.

We are confident that you will benefit from it, so we encourage you to update Slingshot.

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