GoliathFirmwareTool cannot find .NET Core

I have just reinstalled the latest GoliathFirmwareTool and then proceeded to install the .NET app that pops up (x64 on Windows 11) but when I try to run the GoliathFirmwareTool app it cannot find the .NET core? Tried reBooting my computer still no success…Do I need a specific version than the one that is linked via the popup?

Goliath cant find DotNet Screenshot 2022-04-08 102816

You need .NET Core 3.1 Desktop Runtime (v3.1.17) - Windows x64 (their prompt doesn’t specify the desktop version, I got it on the 4th try)


Thanks got it to work. @springa You should link direct ti the required version and indicate it in the pop-up window.

Hi Patrick, thanks for this valuable feedback, we will report it to the technical department.