Guitar Racks Project

Hi All,

A quick project. I needed to build some guitar racks for backstage use. These came out great and everyone is happy with them. 12mm ply construction with some foam protection. A side note, I ran the machine on speed setting 2 with a double flute bit which ran much quieter with good results. I have been running it at speed 4. Has anyone found a good speed for ply?


Hey Tom, this project is awesome. Sorry to blow you up but you’re definitely one of the the most experienced Goliath users on here and I really love this product but need some help!

I have some questions about bits and parameters. I am cutting 12mm ply and still getting the “Incorrect Goliath Position” Error. I blew the dust off of the chip and that fixed my jagged lines issue but now every so often my bit is jumping around and ruining my parts. I can’t tell if it’s speed, depth or bit.

I’m running at 20 inches per minute and 0.05” per pass and a router speed of 3 with a 1/8” día. double flute up-cut bit.

What feed rate & depth per pass are you using? And are you using a 1/4” día. bit?

Thanks in advance!

I’m normally using 1000mm/m feed rate, sometimes I lower to 750 especially on slicker materials like MDF. Plunge Rate 300, depth per pass 3mm, double flute bit at speed 4.

Any time I have had issues with a material, first thing I do is clean off the wheels, I have found a damp paint brush is best at getting the dust off, and moistening the wheels helps grip. Second thing to do is just lower the feed rate. The first pass is the most important and if it is off at all, its best to stop immediately and address issues.

Keep the machine slow for success and speed up feed rate as you feel comfortable with materials and settings.

Ahh! The wheels! Thank you for all this! I’m sorry, Maybe I’m misunderstanding;

3mm depth per pass
1000-750mm feed rate
What diameter router bit??
I don’t see where to adjust plunge rate?

1/4" Router bit, I think the adjust plunge rate is now located on the right hand bottom side of Slingshot once you select a track