I have trable plz HELP

Help me please. Galiath falls into error constantly. I reflashed the goliath itself and the sensor towers did not help. I don’t know if there is any software that calibrated the towers or reset the settings.

Constantly getting an error that there is an interference for the sensors, but they are not

Hi! This error may not be specific but some warning that things may not be right.
If you see no obstructions or if the tower sensors are not fixed properly(my guess).
I would press the yellow button on top of goliath to continue cutting. ( if you can’t reach the button then use the wrench to go between the tower cables and the button)
You can check the log file (c:/springa/slingshot/log) at the last part of the log file you may see some clue.
This is what I have done when I had similar error.
Good luck.
Have cut successfully before?
What material are you using?

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No, everything is fixed and the file decodec passed by the program. When you press the yellow button it continues but again falls into the same error. I think that how to fix the tower bug I can’t even understand everything is connected with these towers.

I hope you have not flashed the tower sensors as it might brick the sensors- check tower sensor bricked thread.
The tower sensors sometimes loose communication with slingshot and or goliath - most common reason being battery discharge.
The tower sensors as you know should light study- yellow during panel detection and turn green during the production(cutting) phase. ( I had yellow tower turned off half way inspite of connected to usb- I reconnected the usb and it was fine)
The tower sensors constantly communicate as you can check on your log files.( log files have a lot of data it opens in notepad and every line is time stamped so you can find whats happening , you should not edit the log as it is for springa to verify )
Try and reposition your canvas and make sure there is enough space at the borders.
Good luck.

Steady yellow LED light when tower sensors are connected to goliath (through wifi) on both towers.

Steady green LED when ready to cut on both towers.

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