Importing SVG for first time


When Importing my first SVG, i cannot get it to look like the original image. It comes in with filets shooting in the wrong direction and looks corrupted.

When importing I noticed that it recommends importing an SVG at 96dpi. However, I cannot find a place to save a DPI in the SVG in illustrator. Furthermore, I thought SVGs were vector based

I am Trying to import a File made in Solidworks to Illustrator to Slingshot.

Any thoughts on how to get this to work?

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The red lines are because they are outside the canvas. Select all (after minimising the canvas ) then you can shrink it to the canvas size (check the dimensions on the right side panel) the lines are the path it takes to cut.
I would open the svg file in inkscape and follow the tutorial ’ how to check and import a correct svg file’
you need to tidy up some of the points if the import is not proper.

Hi DocMcSwirly,
what happens here is that Slingshot joins paths that should be separated.
This happens because at the moment Slingshot can’t import compound path and Live painting.

You should explode or expand all the paths and save as .svg when everything is an individual track.

About the size, Illustrator exports the SVG at 72 DPI, but it should not be a big problem.
You can change the size of the paths in Illustrator before saving in .svg or you can change the size in Slingshot as Bhimarasetty already suggested you. Be careful, if the position of one path in relation to another one is important you should select all of them and scale them together so the relative position between paths will be the same as the original design.

I hope you find this useful to import correctly your design.

Thank you for your feedback.

I have had excellent success using Inkscape. Open up the image, use the “trace bitmap” action and it’ll generate a vector. Then select all of it and hit “break apart” under the path menu.