Jog mode issues

I am trying to cut acrylic and had some success, I was trying to improve the cut and tried on a new cast acrylic- used jog mode to make sure it is accurate.
After sending gcode i could not start cutting-

-at jog mode the spindle came down to its idle position
-after gcode - spindle cage message but could not open cage as it is in idle position.
Restarted the project again- same problem evenif i have not gone into jog mode.
After a couple of failed attempts restarted and this time before gcode went into machine dashboard and lifted the z axis - hurry! it started working.

Solution I found is after jog mode make sure the art work is correct - adjust
The spindle cage is closed now and I could not raise the spindle unless I go on to dashboard and raise the spindle- it should be in up position so you could change the bit.
I then send the gcode to goliath and start by pressing the button on top twice.
I wonder if any one has this problem?
Hope this thread would resolve some sticky situations.

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Have the same issue.

  1. Click OK to remove the message
  2. Remove spindle protection
  3. Place spindle protection
  4. Press yellwo button twice

Is the way I get around the “error” message which is, I assume, not correct.

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I will try your method next time.

If jog mode is activated then spindle protection is on (a safety feature I guess) and you cannot remove spindle cage to change the router bit if needed.

I guess in the next version (FW) there will be an improvement where you press the yellow button it will toggle between spindle idle postion and spindle up position ( unless the tower cable is not over spindle).

Check my latest post on jog mode problems
Your solution did not work but I had to raise the spindle through dashboard.
If the spindle cage is locked you cannot change the bit and in production mode you cannot access dashboard.

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