Jog mode problems

I have mentioned this before. It was solved after a couple of tries.
Now I had this again- after panel detection at the end when I wanted to check the position of goliath- i go into jog mode automatically the spindle comes down to idle position making sure the spindle cage is closed.
1 when i check on the canvas where the spindle is - i go in manual jog and move goliath to see it moving on canvas.
2 I now want to rearange the art work at the correct place on the canvas- for this I have to exit jog mode then select the art and move around canvas - works fine for once and when you toggle a couple of times between jog on and off it gives the following message

The gcode was not calculated and the program closes when you press ok. And you loose all changes.
3 so the next time I went through all but i saved the project before sending gcode to goliath.
Next as i have moved goliath the spndle is still in idle position(you can’t pull spindle cage ) this message comes-

But the spindle cage is locked and there is no way you could raise spindle.
So start all over again but the art work is now in the new position so recheck with jog mode -spindle cage locked.
Before sending gcode to goliath I went into dash board-

I raised the spindle which is in the position to change the bit

After this exit the dashboard change bit if needed then press the yellow button on top of goliath to start the cut.

Now Davide is this the way about or is there a simpler method.
Obviously if you do not use jog mode then goliath is ready for play by prssibg the yellow button on the top.
Sorry for this elaborate text.


this issues is familiar, to me
have had it also already a few times, → complete restart. :wink:

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Today I had a video chat with Davide for some time and went through the issues. It appears connectivity is the problem I was able to connect through goliath wifi but it is best to connect through existing network.( the right side of the connection window)
Steps that worked

1 turn goliath on then press the yellow button for over 5sec the wifi led turn red- this will erase the wifi connection memory.
2 turn off the goliath and turn on the wifi led should be white inot green(f it is green that mean the goliath is connected to net work, if this is the case repeat step1)
3 open slingshot and go through panel detection (you don’t need the towers at present) .
4 sellect the existing wifi on the right side -sellect new connection.
5 refresh and connect to goliath wifi - green light on goliath next
6 refresh so that goliath will look at available wifi connections and gives a list- sellect your internet wifi- enter the password for your network- enter
7 there will be message and a wheel turning serching- now you have to turn off goliath and then turn it on( this is the most important step) after some time goliath connected to wifi network and ask to connect towers.
8 turn on the towers then connect.
9 from now on the goliath connects through ecisting connection during wifi connection stage and should work as goliath can use your existing wifi to communicate to server if needed.(I guess).
10 The beauty is now you can take your laptop to another room still can monitor goliath movement during production window.
Good luck.