Linux version, when?

it’s years overdue and no communication about it from Springa.
All my messages seem to be ignored.

Same with Mac version…

Hi pelgrim,
I’m sorry to say that contrary to what was stated a year ago in the comments on our Kickstarter Campaign, we haven’t actually planned the development of a Linux version.
In case we plan to develop it we will notify you.

I moved this topic into the feature request.
In this way, you and all the customers interested in the Linux version can vote for it. We will monitor the votes to decide if we should invest in the development of a Slingshot running on Linux.


this is not a feature request, this is a promise from 2018 (!!!) that you still didn’t honour. As a consequence I have a big unopened box stored somewhere that takes up a lot of room.
Feature request, how dare you …