List of bugs found in slingshot

Not sure where else to leave this, but this is a list of bugs I have found so far in Slingshot;

  • When importing and exporting to another PC, the settings of the tools are not saved as part of the project.

  • Duplicating multiple tracks at the same time destroys their relative positioning, making it quite useless.

  • Tabs are sometimes not possible to add. This is especially true for shapes that have many small parts or are thin. Doubly so when trying to have shapes stacked on top of each other. This could be resolved by an auto tab function.

Please let us know if there is perhaps a more structured template we should use for reporting issues. I love to be part of the solution and I know firsthand how absolutely frustrating crappy bugreports are. Stuff like logs and screenshots can be provided if you need them :slight_smile:

  • when selecting multiple tracks that have differing settings, its not possible to set all of them to the same setting. So for example, when selecting 10 paths with a depth per pass of 5, and one path with depth per pass of 3, it is not possible to set them all to 5 that way.
  • there is no way to remove canvases
  • reloading a saved project sometimes changes the location of parts to be moved arround.

Hello, thank you very much for your feedback.

Of the 6 bugs you reported, at least 5 are known to us and we are already working on resolving them,
The multiple tracks duplication bug as well as the multiple tracks selection bug have already been fixed and you will be able to notice the difference with the next software release.

As for the last one “Reloading a saved project sometimes changes the location of parts to be moved around” could you please be more specific, maybe sending us some photos?

Good to hear I’m reporting issues allready known (and some of them fixed allready!).

I havent yet been able to reproduce my issue yet, but I’ve encountered another in the mean time

  • When cutting pockets, sometimes an additional path is drawn that cuts through allready existing parts.

I’ve marked the pockets blue and the wrong cuts in red.

Here are som more bugs:

  • I have had problems altering the x and y position using the text boxes. Sometimes I can’t change the x position, the position is not changed when I press tab or click outside the box, and the undo function is has a strange behavior.
  • The “Next” button is sometimes missing during the Panel detection
  • I have tried multiple times to connect Goliath to my own wifi network but I have not managed it yet. Once Goliath connected to my network, but then the option to “Configure Goliath to connect to an existing network” was greyed out, and I gave up.
  • Sometimes when I enter the jog mode after Panel detection the XY-position and the angle is all zero. The only solution is to restart Goliath and do the Panel detection again. Sometimes this has happen two or three times before the jog mode worked. It would be nice to get some feedback during the Panel detection so I could understand what I’m doing wrong. Sometimes I guess it’s because I’m taking som shortcuts during the panel detection, but it would be nice to know what I’m doing wrong. (It would also be nice to have a panel detection process for advanced users with less clicks and with predefined values.)
  • 3-4 times Goliath have suddenly lifted the spindel to maximum after some minutes in jog mode. After this has happened nothing happens when I try to move Goliath with the buttons or pressing the Go button. The “Manual” button is still working though.
  • I cut out a 10cm circular face with eyes and mouth and Goliath started cutting out the whole face and then cut out the eyes and mouth, instead of cutting out the face at the end.
  • I did a large cut and when I finally managed to place the shape on the board without any panel extension zones, Goliath still went outside the board when cutting. It seemed also like the position of Goliath on the board is not optimized. Even I tested that Goliath had enough space to do the cut without panel extension zones, Slingshot said I needed the panel extension. And it seemed like Goliath can not rotate while it is cutting at the moment. Is that true?

Here is the drawing I used without panel extension warnings:

The position of the shape:

And here Goliath is cutting and goes outside the board:

Here I have altered the rotation angle from 350 to 355 and moved the shape a little. Compared with the cutting operation the panel extension warning should have been on the top instead of to the right and at the bottom:

I measured the piece I cut out today, and the length of the sides (inside) is 85,2cm and 150,3cm and the angle 89,8 degrees instead of 85,0cm, 150,0cm and 90,0 degrees. Is there a way I can calibrate the Goliath?

I noticed the same, but in my case it was identical parts being stacked on top of each other. I got similar differences in measurement, in the order of magnitude of 2-3 mm deviation.

I tried to reduce the cutting speed, but it did not improve the accuracy.

However, parts that were located close to each other were closer to each other in size, so I strongly suspect the distance to the towers has something to do with it. I’ve been given to understand that this is a known issue being worked on.

Here is a picture of the square I made with the Goliath compared with a square (below) I made on a ShopBot CNC machine. At 1m distance from the corner the Goliath square is 6mm off, that means an angle of 89,7 degrees. 6mm is quite a lot and makes the square I made useless. I hope this will be corrected in the future.

Hello Ovind, thanks for sharing this.
A 6mm error over a 1m distance from sensors is a lot, and absolutely not usual in our experience. You’ll be contacted by our customer service to gain more information and understand what happened.

I’ve had no luck with accuracy.